We've Gone Green!

Today, the environment is of great concern to many people. We here at H.I.C. are proud to be able to offer products which come from companies that already have in place sustainable initiatives. Some of these initiatives include EnergyStar rated windows and doors, recycled content in the products, formaldehyde free materials, low VOC paints, and lumber from properly maintained forests certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).

It seems everywhere you look the “Green” movement is growing. As more people become aware of the benefits of green building, more companies are willing to cater to them. Taking part in this movement we feel is a win-win situation. By providing products that are healthier to have in your home or office as well as more energy efficient, those that live with these products can breathe a little easier, and save money on their energy bills.

Companies we represent which have taken that step toward a greener planet:

Spectis (www.spectis.com/enviro.htm)
Moulding Associates (www.mouldingassociates.com/about_mission.php)
Amarr Garage Doors (www.amarr.com/about_amarr/company_info/responsibility.html)
Wood Harbor (www.woodharbor.com/whatsnew/green.php)
Trustile Doors (www.trustile.com/techinfo/green.asp)
Velux skylights (www.veluxusa.com/aboutVELUX/environmentalpolicy)
Lincoln Windows (www.lincolnwindows.com)
Thermatru Doors (www.thermatru.com/EnvironmentalResponsibility.aspx)

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