The Window Doctor by H.I.C.

Do your windows or doors have repair or service issues?
Do you have rotten trim around your windows or fogging windows?

H.I.C. Window and Door Co. offers a repair and maintenance service called "The Window Doctor". With this service we also offer a yearly maintenance plan that covers a window technician coming to your house or business and doing an annual inspection. Our technician will adjust your doors or windows and lubricate them so that they function properly. We also look for any signs of problems that may not be noticed by the property owner. This is a preventive maintenance approach that may save you money down the road if you have water or air infiltration.

With winter coming now is the time to make sure your windows are operating properly. With our inspection we also look for voids in the weather-stripping and caulk lines around your windows and doors. These can be huge problem areas if not addressed. We can't see every potential problem behind the surface but we do our best to look out for problems that could arise down the road. We have over 40 years combined experience, and have been in business since 1988.

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